Doing life, Preadult diary.
Mommy or the intimacy, analog photograph, 2018.

“We all have founder words, we are spoken by them. They are the spine of our identity, more or less wobbly. When my words are out of breath, my images take over. Thus this book has a double function : a biographical one, because it shapes and so ends a period of my life, but also an opening function. Because when we speaks of the future this is from the past, it allows me to ask fundamental and existential questions : what's worth saying ? How to say it ? Because " The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.", my plastic researchs past and to be will be the quest of communication, a primal language that could allow us to surpass our relationships structure of power. These images and words are born from the necessity to find the founder words of the human beings who crossed my life, to get rid of this remote echo, but also to have a more precise conscious of it in my adult life to come. To read in each portrait : ‘Whatever our fate, we are the ones who did it and we won't regret it’.”
Zoé Bernardi, excerpt from the preface of Doing life.

Adagio in my room, page 7.
Thought, page 30.
Tallulah and the empty frame, page 31.
Loren, Marie and Bertrand, PMU, page 43.