To co-opt : (of an elected group) to make someone a member through the choice of the present members.

As Michel de Certeau says, in L’invention du quotidien, "we have to work with what we can show, but cannot tell". In order to find the world’s prose and flesh, to think the everyday life from the everyday life itself, and not from a theorical place.

Born in 2000 and living in Paris, Zoé Bernardi uses her body and life as tools to apprehend others. As a living antenna, she hosts people's experiences, while trying to shape them; as the artist and director Pippo Delbono says, "Everything enters me, perfores me".

By using narration as a potential of fiction, Zoé Bernardi reveals her torn open universe to the eye’s public, turning her intimacy into exteriority through her lens. The question of the gift of self and its limits is key in her work, remaining into question the transition between public life and intimacy, control and vulnerability, the delegation of one’s image, taking inspiration from her family, the sexualities she encounters, ethics which watch and guide her, navigating between Rineke Djikstra, Nan Goldin, Raymond Depardon, Eric Rondepierre, Jonas Mekas or Nobuyoshi Araki… By thinking the body and its stakes, she adopts deconstruction strategies, from the gesture to the Shibari, the danse… Because it allows an analytic distanciation, the protocol is fondamental. We can keep the exigence from it but not the mastering.

Common wisdom is that photographing is a way of not forgetting, but this is about the future that Zoé Bernardi wants to talk about. From the shooting, the developpment to the printing, the creation of image almost falls within rituals, to protect oneself and herself. Trusting the image, entrust it to her subject frequently ends up with her being naked, performing, photographing or filming complete strangers, modelate their burning intimacy, whether it's about sickness, sex, courage or cowardness, success or failure. The aim is to understand others, to retrieve from power relationships to dig in the act of meeting. By confronting herself to others, she commits to a relationship beyond words, a politic, artistic and human relationship.

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Portrait of Zoé Bernardi
Photograph credits to Patrick Cockpit.